Thursday, May 27, 2010


I would like to thank @TambraHarck and @JoyLoveandLife RADIO for allowing me to tell my story to help others know that WE ARE NEVER GIVEN MORE THAN WE CAN HANDLE!!

My first interview .. on BlogTalk Radio with Tambra Harck This is the link to an interview with @TambraHarck on @JoyLoveandLife radio...Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hello Blip friend! Renothespinner (jeff S.) from Huntington Beach, Ca., we have a very major life changing concert we both went to, along time ago! I want to chat!!!

  2. Hello Leia (for that is your name!)

    I loved your blog...I read your others first and listened to this, well kinda let it wash over you now know I think musically and have since sent you the songs that came through me as a consequence of this interview.
    What an astounding and inspirational life story you have to tell.
    I did also make a few notes as I listened and soaked up your notions and threads.
    There was one bit where you discuss fear, think it was Tambra who was talking about people not doing things and just saying...they were afraid.
    Oh if it were that simple.
    People are generally afraid of admitting they are afraid so will avoid and proscrastinate...lie and especially to themselves.
    Once someone is at the point of admitting fear of what ever it is then the next steps are more managable.
    So yes I like the bit about giving in to the fear but think the work is in the journey to that point, as I am sure you know via bitter experience.
    Total honesty, again especially to ones self is key I think. Until such a point then everything is a rehersal.
    I like the bit about accepting responsability for your own actions, and destiny. People will blame anyone else and the world or fate or God to avoid the painful truth of their own responsability.
    There was something I noted at this point about a 'life of excuses' I liked that phrase and have come across it very often.
    I liked that Tambra saw what I feel which is that you have a big heart....and when you said 'love heals', you are thankfully living proof of this.
    Finally I think her name for you is very cool...The Love Ambassedor

    With much love, light and peace
    David x