Monday, August 31, 2009

Love is my purpose. Light is my power

When I was in the first grade, I wrote my first poem. It was simple. Looking back at that poem, I find it is interesting that as a 6 year old child who was living under circumstances that were torturous, I could find these words in my heart and live those words each day since.

I see light.
It is bright.


My second poem was also simple. These are the words I speak each day to remind myself of who I AM.

I am love.
I am light.
I am love
shining bright.


Although I have never wanted to is the first day of hope you enjoy the things you read and I pray that you may read between the lines and find that the THE LIGHT OF GOD NEVER FAILS. Without the Light of God that protects me, I would not be here typing these words. I have been blessed by God and His Light will always shine on me.


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