Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Singin' Crystal Bowl

It is late. I should go to bed. I must clear my head so I write.

Now, what to write.. how do I get all the thoughts that run through my head into streamed consciousness on my blog.

What to do?

Maybe I should play my singin' crystal bowl...maybe it will ground me!

Love makes me happy...I am not feeling happy nor inspired....so, at the moment, I am not experiencing love.

The photo is my singin' crystal bowl.


  1. I remember the first time I saw a crystal singing bowl. It was in a packed-to-brim storage unit I was helping a friend organize. I was immediately captivated even before I knew what it was. It's weight, symetry, size... what could it be? Ah, but to hear its song, now that is beauty.

  2. I LOVE MY SINGIN" CRYSTAL BOWL...it is awesome..D sharp..it grounds me. It is made to fibonacci numbers..next i am getting one for cellular regeneration...i am thrilled.

  3. thats awesome, i first saw these in Glastonbury years ago when i lived there. I have had great medidations with these. One lady had a whole heap of them all shapes & sizes. Crytal ones, brass ones and many others. she played them together and sounds melded until there was nothing but a vibrating centre of delight.
    do u do healing groups with yours?